A supernatural Youth community that is all about Jesus!

At IVY YTH we are committed to creating a place where young people can be honouring to everyone, be passionate about Jesus and grow in their relationships with God, their peers and the team. We meet through YTH Nights, groups, socials and monthly Centrals.

YTH Night

The emphasis of YTH Nights is celebration. They’re a fantastic opportunity for youth to come to hear a relevant talk, worship God, play great games, hang out and encounter the Holy Spirit. A perfect place to invite their friends along and for youth to discover their God-given giftings.

Location: Didsbury

Group Night

Group night is a chance for the youth to find a community of young people of a similar age and grow in their relationship with God. There’s a strong emphasis on discipleship, and encountering Jesus through the Bible, fellowship and prayer.On a group night the youth will break into 2 different groups; younger youth (years 7-8) and older youth (years 9-11).

Location: Didsbury


We offer youth provision at the Didsbury's 11am service. Sunday morning youth is for youth aged 11-14 and we meet every week apart from the first Sunday of the month where the youth will be in the service or encouraged to help serve on a team

Upon arriving head straight upstairs from 11am for a chance to make friends, eat good food, have Bible discussions, hear talks and play games.

Location: Cheadle Hulme and Didsbury


Hub is our Sixth Form and College group that meets weekly, with a focus on discipleship, and encountering Jesus through the Bible, fellowship and prayer. It’s a great place for 16 - 18 year olds to find a community and grow in their relationship with God.

Location: The Rablen’s House


Socials are once a term and are the perfect space to build friendships and connections with one another. They’re an ideal opportunity to bring friends along and provide a taste of what IVY YTH is like.

Location: Locations vary


Central is our opportunity to come together with the rest of the church, hear a relevant talk, worship together with church family and encounter the Holy Spirit. Please note this might be more beneficial to the older youth but is for everyone.

Location: Didsbury

As YTH leaders we are committed to serve the next generation so that they can be raised to be passionate followers of Jesus. We strive to create a safe place where young people can belong, grow and encounter God.

Luke Anthony

Hey everyone, I'm Luke and I have the awesome privilege of leading the YTH at Ivy Church. I have such a passion for young people to come to know Jesus and the transformation that brings. I'm married to Laura and we have 2 kids, Grace and Isaac.


We are all about Jesus and therefore want to develop passion for God, worship and the word to foster discipleship in the YTH.


We create an environment where YTH and team have honour and respect for everyone.


We build relationships with God, our peers and the team.

What is Ivy YTH?
Ivy YTH is the youth ministry at Ivy Church for 11 - 18 year olds. We are committed to creating a place where young people can grow in passion for God and develop their relationships with Jesus.
Is it free?
Our Group Nights and YTH Nights are free to attend. There will be tuck available to purchase, we usually suggest to bring £1.50. In the weeks we do Socials these will be ticketed at the cost of the activity and we endeavour to minimise these costs as much as possible.
Will food be available?
There will only be tuck available to purchase. It is recommended that your young person(s) eat before they come.
Who’s on the team?
All our team is made up of faith filled, passionate about youth discipleship and DBS checked leaders.
How will my child be dismissed from Ivy YTH?
For a Group Night and YTH Night parents will pick up their young people at 8:30pm. For Socials details will be given depending on the activity.
What should parents do on an Ivy YTH night?
Didsbury centre is only a short walk away with lots of places to eat and drink. Alternatively, you can head back home and enjoy some peace and quiet.
What is the general flow of an Ivy YTH night?
On a YTH Night we will open the doors at 7pm and have a short period of hangout before we get stuck into the word, wonders and worship. Following the service we will end with more hangout time and finish at 8:30pm for the parents pickup.