Mission Partners


A Christian homeless charity bringing hope to the homeless and vulnerable across Manchester.

Early Essentials

Working with health and social care professionals and other agencies, Early Essentials give a helping hand to new mums who are in desperate need of even the most basic supplies.


A Manchester based charity that gives young people at risk of educational or social exclusion opportunities and skills to achieve their full potential.

The Boaz Trust

Serving destitute asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester by providing accommodation and support, and by speaking up for asylum seekers in campaigning for a more compassionate asylum system.

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC)

Aiming to bring about community transformation and address a variety of social needs by creating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups and churches.

Safe Networks

Safe and Free is about preventing human trafficking and modern slavery in today’s society by using innovative and evolving technology, business and investigative skills.


Dignity exists to equip people to transform their community and tackle poverty through the love of Jesus. They intentionally focus on those who are on the outskirts of society and existing support.

Ed and Martine Davies

Ed and Martine are supporting and starting reproducing groups in peoples’ homes in the south of France. Ed and Martine are discipling a diverse group of people from different communities including asylum seekers from the Middle East as well as developing and distributing bible studies.

Henneke Cook

Henneke works with AWM/Pioneers and runs the Hephzibah (my delight is in her) Project in Athens Greece. From a safe friendly coffee shop - refugee and asylum-seeking women are welcomed, can tell their stories, be heard and valued, be prayed for and meet with Jesus. Women’s lives are transformed by the power of God and by a loving community.

Natasha and Fabrice Barbier

Fabrice and Natasha are church planters in Draguignan, France. After serving in Nice for 17 years, they relocated in 2017 to Draguignan in the Provence area. The Church ‘Eglise Presence’ was established in 2018. Meeting in different locations and with a growing number of small congregations they seek to bring God’s presence into the 120,000 lives in the area of the Dracenie Provence Verdon.

NewDay United

We are a bunch of everyday people with a passion for raising others to be all that God created them to be. We do this at grass roots level focusing on the areas with the greatest need. Through a range of impactful programmes and social initiatives, we help equip and empower those in our communities with the skills to find work, build self-esteem and break the cycle of poverty.

Nick and Becky

Pioneer new churches amongst the unreached, making and multiplying disciples and churches until there is no place left in the Middle East that is not hearing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They also help catalyse existing believers obey the Great Commission, teaching believers to go and connect with someone who doesn’t know Jesus.

Ray & Bridget Miller

Ray & Bridget work with Latin Link in the UK having served many years in Costa Rica and across Latin America. Ray is also supporting Hispanic churches in the UK, whilst they both run an online Master’s course in Intercultural Studies with ProMETA University based in Costa Rica. They mentor, develop, teach and prepare leaders & missionaries.

Steve and Flor Taylor

Steve and Flor have been serving in Thailand for nearly 40 years, originally being sent from Ivy to serve under the Thai churches. They have been teaching and training leaders in the New Life Churches (an expanding network of indigenous Thai churches) and for the last 20 years, have been on the faculty of Bangkok Bible Seminary where Steve is Vice-Director.

The Message Trust

The Message Trust is a worldwide movement passionately sharing the love of Jesus Christ in words and actions with the hardest-to-reach young people and communities.