Ivy Church Fallowfield

Venue: Bar 256 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield M14 6LB
When: 10:00 AM every Sunday
Dress Code: There is no dress code, come as you are!
Cost: Free (even the refreshments!)

Check out Ivy at 256 in Fallowfield this Sunday and you’ll meet around 70 friendly people. We host local people, students, internationals, the homeless and young families as part of a growing and diverse church community.

We have refreshments on arrival and then you join in or check out the service which includes passionate singing, prayers, stories of people’s lives being changed by God and a short Bible based talk. We create space for lots of participation and believe God will to speak to you personally. There is also kids work aimed for under 5’s with trained and enthusiastic helpers, plus a parent led creche for babies.

After the service we have lunch together in the pub, free for new people. (Yes, free).

Ivy Fallowfield is a community who are on mission in Manchester, making a real difference through various social action opportunities so you can help us help others, including debt counselling, supporting homeless shelters through Fallowfield Foodshare and helping connect students to their community.

We’d love to meet you!

Transport Options

Bike: There are limited bicycle racks outside the venue.

Car: There are no specific car parking spaces, however parking is permitted on several roads around the venue.

Bus: 256 is located between two bus stops along Wilmslow Road. A variety of buses go past it including 142, 42, 41 and 43.

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Nick Duffy
Team Leader